The Non-Invasive Liposuction Alternative

Weight loss is a big deal. Excuse the pun, but it sure is a serious problem. As we all know, it is extremely easy to accumulate excess body fat. However, it is not that easy to get rid of it. Body fat seems to create a comfortable home wherever it settles down and stubbornly squats without offering any benefit. Indeed, it is embarrassing and uncomfortable. The simple fact is that it happens. We are faced with a number of tactics to get rid of this excess body fat. Diet and exercise are at the forefront of preventing and even eliminating foreign flab.

However, despite our efforts to eliminate it during spinning classes or to break it down by living on carrots and celery, some of this fat will not go away! This is where we begin to consider cosmetic surgery methods. The first idea that comes to my mind is liposuction. Fat reduction is ensured with liposuction.

It is important to consider some crucial points when considering this type of invasive procedure. There is a standard surgical liposuction used for Non-invasive fat removal in San Francisco
fat reduction, but there are other methods as well. Laser fat reduction is also an option. This is called non-invasive lipo or cold laser lipo. Laser liposuction can have many advantages over traditional surgical liposuction. Let’s take a look at the different procedures.

Surgical liposuction consists of a series of operations to remove adipose (fat) tissue from specific areas of the body. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia, as it is a highly invasive full surgical procedure for the body, which involves scraping of fatty tissue and aspiration. The recovery time from this procedure can be long, determined by the amount of fat that is removed in a session. Multiple sessions are usually required to achieve the desired result, as the complete procedure can rarely be completed in a single surgery. This too becomes progressively more expensive. Long recovery periods are required to allow the body to heal in preparation for the next surgery. Complications include infections, internal bleeding, and even minor disfigurements (which can be corrected with additional surgical procedures.

This all sounds drastically invasive and complicated, doesn’t it? There is an alternative that is new to the field and is known as Laser Liposuction or Laser Lipo. Non-invasive liposuction is performed with a technique called cold laser liposuction. For convenience, we will refer to liposuction as “lipo” from now on. Non-invasive lipo is achieved through a procedure that involves only a local anesthetic and a small incision for laser insertion. The cold laser then liquefies the fat cells and the liquid is drawn in quickly. The non-aspirated liquid fat will simply be metabolized by the lymphatic system and subsequently eliminated by the body.

There are a few brands of devices used to perform cold laser lipo and they all work essentially the same way. The three main Laser Lipo systems are the Lumislim Pro-Laser Lipo system, Strawberry Lipo (20,000) and the I-Lipo system (40,000). Although the operational parameters are similar, the costs vary. Going straight to the point, I will inform you that the Lumislim system can be purchased for as little as 11,000. The difference for you is the cost of the procedure, because the cost of the system governs the cost of the procedure in the doctor’s office.