The Best Way to Stop Gambling Or Cure a Gambling Addiction

Tired of battling gambling addiction? Do you want your gambling problem to just go away? You have probably heard that once you are addicted to something, the addiction lasts a lifetime. That is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. While it is true that the gambling problem you have now will never go away, it is possible not to think about gambling all the time. Thinking about the problem of gambling or gambling is part of the gambling addiction that wears out many people. In plain English, they just get tired of talking about it, thinking about it, and dealing with the gambling problem they have.

While compulsive gambling disease is incurable, it is possible to go days or even weeks without thinking about it or being obsessed with the problem. That’s what you really want, right? You just want to live your life, have fun, laugh, enjoy life, without fighting a problem 24/7. You want relief. The good news is that it is possible. The disease may not go away, but symptoms can be treated.

I know players who have a normal life and enjoy life. I’ve known them for quite some time too, so I remember when they first stopped playing and started working to not be players. Many of them complained at the time that it seemed that joy had disappeared from life, that life was no longer fun. After time passed, I reminded some of them of that and we laughed a lot. How dark things seemed when they first admitted they had a gambling problem and started taking their first small, hesitant steps to be clean, not gamblers.

The first thing to understand about your wonderful mind is that it has parts. There is the conscious part of your mind and the subconscious part. The conscious part of your mind may want to be happy and just relax and enjoy life, but your subconscious may be preoccupied with the desire to gamble. As long as your subconscious is obsessed with gambling, there will be no relief, but the good thing about the human mind is that it can only hold one thought at a time. In other words, if your subconscious fills or fixes with another thought, the desire to play and all the nervousness and anxiety that goes with it will disappear.

There are meditation and relaxation techniques that are very easy to learn and that you can use to clear your mind. These powerful techniques have worked for many people, just ordinary people who had a gambling problem, like you. If you have a gambling problem UFABET  and are fed up with it, I recommend that you continue treating it with a 12-step program or the therapy that you are using now, but also add an Mp3 that is specially programmed to relax your mind and put those positive thoughts . in your subconscious that will replace the gambling problem and give you the relief you seek.

It will not heal and you will still need your therapy or support group, but eventually you will find entire days and even weeks without that terrible battle and yes, you will find some of the joy returning to your life.